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It seems like we've been in quarantine forever! California is starting to slowly open and I'm grateful that they're taking their time. I want to make sure everyone remains as healthy as possible. The three of us being at home 24 hours a day has been a challenge, but it has been fun. Lucky for me, I love board games and will buy them when I see them on sale at Target, which happens to be a lot. We used this time to play games with Mila, something that we rarely did before.

We've also taken this time to spend more time outdoors and in our backyard. Mila has gotten over her fear of riding a bike and begs to ride almost every day. I think it is time to take off the training wheels. She also got a new pair of roller skates (thanks tee tee) so she can continue learning to skate. We also started a vegetable garden, which was so much fun. We need to do a better job of watering the garden, so we may need to start over, but that's okay.

This whole pandemic has been a big adjustment for all of us, but it has been very rewarding for me to see families spend more time together. I think we all needed time to step away from the ipads and cell phones and just connect with each other and nature. I've also enjoyed seeing all the creativity from everyone online. So crazy how just not being able to go out gives you so much time you thought you didn't have.

I know so many of you did some spring cleaning and we'd appreciate any donations! We still need clothes, shoes, and toys for kids here in San Diego. We have a big need for boy donations, so feel free to send things our way. You can email us to coordinate a pick up or drop off.

Please stay safe and healthy!

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