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  • Erika Gutierrez

Christmas Giving

Our non-profit, Just Because, has been around for a year. This past year, we started reaching out to different organizations to see who we could help. Linda, our secretary, reached out to Magic 92.5 to see if we could help them with Christmas Wish. They emailed us Friday the 21st and gave us the names of 3 families to help. Instantly we started reaching out to get more information about the kids.

Linda and I didn't think we'd be able to have everything ready to deliver by Monday (Christmas Eve) but we were determined to try. That same day, Eddie's cousin Samantha, was dropping off a BIG toy donation from FTD, Inc. They graciously hosted a toy drive and in just one week, they donated at least a hundred items! We even received a bike and a scooter! The outpouring from them was amazing and we knew that we wouldn't have to shop for any toys because they provided them for us. We focused on clothes because we wanted all the kids to have both toys and clothes for Christmas.

That weekend we SHOPPED! We bought stockings for all the kids, stocking stuffers, and clothes. Then we spent our Saturday night wrapping the gifts. We were so tired, but we knew we were going to be able to deliver the gifts on Sunday, which was GREAT! The kids helped out so much. Mila helped put bows on the gifts, Isabella and Ariana helped stuff the stockings and wrapped gifts.

Sunday afternoon we loaded up two SUV's full of gifts and headed out. We were so humbled to be able to have this experience. The families were so appreciative and seeing the kids smiles meant the world to us!

We know we're doing some good and we plan to continue to do more this coming year. We are looking for more partnerships so we can reach more people. FTD Inc will be partnering with us throughout the year and we're so excited!

Thank you all for your continued support and we can't wait to see what 2019 has in store!!

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