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Toys 70% off!

A big part of what we do is finding items that we think kids will love for ridiculously low prices. Our goal is to have kids smile and be excited about the toys we bought them for their birthday, Christmas, or Just Because. I know we've scored when Mila gets excited about the toys we buy and tells me she knows the kids are going to love them.

The idea for Just Because started inside our local Target's toy department. Toys were 70% off and I was stocking up. Target tends to have this massive toy clearance in the summer. I've noticed that because of the pandemic, toys are going on clearance much faster than normal. The clearance items used to be on the outside aisles, but they've started keeping the clearance items in the aisles now, so make sure to look closely.

I like to stock up on toys during this time and save them for Mila's Christmas and birthday presents. This saves me tons of money and I'm not stressing out during the holidays since my shopping is done. I incorporate this same strategy for Just Because. We buy toys and have them available for when they are requested by people or other organizations.

Yesterday we had a great Target run. We found a musical Animal from Muppet Babies for $6! We found My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Fancy Nancy, Toy Story 4 and other toys all at 70% off! We know how to make every dollar you donate count. We're so thankful for all of your continued support and appreciate you sharing our posts and campaigns to help expand our reach!

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